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From humble beginnings, GypsySunset.com launched live in 2015. Soon enough the business began to take over Kathleen's home, so in August 2016 with the help of friends and family, Gypsy Sunset Boutique became a storefront located in the heart of Historical Downtown Murrieta, California.

At Gypsy Sunset Boutique you can practically feel the cool, calming sense of a setting sun. The atmosphere is set to stimulate your senses while you shop. Stare at the crystal chandeliers swinging from the ceiling, let your tensions fade as you breathe in the scents, and please feel free to touch the opulent materials and fabrics used to make all of our clothing and accessories.

We only bring in a limited quantity of all of our specialty items in order to keep our Gypsy Sunset Women clothed in styles you won't see everywhere else!

Clothes don't make the woman, but the right ensemble [and how you feel in it] can bolster confidence and help you get to a good place, this desire for self assurance is something that resonates inside all of us. Ask any of our especially style-savvy in store Gypsy Sunset Fashion Consultants if you're not sure how to put a look together.

You are you! The ladies at Gypsy Sunset Boutique want you to be the beautiful person that you are, stop waiting...head into Gypsy Sunset Boutique today and invest in yourself. You only live once and tomorrow is not promised so own every room you enter and never let a moment pass without fully living it!

At Gypsy Sunset Boutique we don't follow trends, we make our own. We carry only limited quantity specialty items to keep our Gypsy Sunset Women unique and to ensure that each and every customer stands out in her own special way. All inventory is very limited, we do suggest that if customers see something they like to grab it when they get it because we will sell out! We couldn’t be more honored to carry some of the most interesting and innovative brands.

Receive the ultimate boutique shopping experience by hosting a private party.  Shop Gypsy Sunset with just your friends and enjoy hostess rewards. For more Information email info@gypsysunset.com

The Gypsy Sunset Woman